About Us

Our Mission

a) To serve as a representative forum for M&Ts
b) To foster and develop a sense of community among M&Ts
c) To facilitate ties between current and alumnus M&Ts
d) To create, promote and increase academic and professional opportunities for M&Ts
e) To enhance relationships between M&Ts and the wider Penn community

M&T Club Board 2013-2014

President: Neha Mathur
Vice President: Jeff Grimes
VP of Social Committee: Elise Minkin
VP of Professional Committee: Mike Sha
VP of Corporate Committee: Jenna Kanterman
Chair of Social: Jason Rudin & Lauren Reeder
Chair of Professional: Dillon Wexler, Nicholas Liu & Vidushi Bhargava
Chair of Corporate: Bahram Banisadr, Elie Javice, Xiaolei Cong, Adam Stravitz, Ashish Patra & Varun Deedwaniya
Webmaster: Winnie Cheng
Communication Chair: Jeff Kessler


e-mail: mt-club-board@googlegroups.com